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You have stumbled upon the best society at the University of York! We are the centre of music-making both on campus and across the city. Get involved now and join an active and lively community today!


Can’t make it in person? Watch our twice-weekly concert series live online for free through our streaming portal.


As a member of the Society, you can receive discounted music tuition from fellow students, or apply for a bursary.


Band rehearsal or piano practice? Find out how to get free access to the only music practice rooms for non-music students on campus.

Join us! It’s only £9 for the year

A few things we can do for you

There is so much going on all the time within the Music Society. So we’ve condensed down the important things into a few headings here. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The Music Society maintain a suite of Practice Rooms in Derwent College. These are the only dedicated rooms available to non-music students. To get access, follow these instructions.


We believe that money should not be a barrier to achieving musical excellency. So we started a bursary fund, to help support promising musicians with the cost of professional music tuition fees.


With or without a bursary, you can find discounted vocal or instrumental tuition from fellow students. Music students, who are experts are their trade, are willing to give cheaper rates to other students.


Our community is warm and welcoming to everyone. We would love to see you at one of our events. There are formal balls and concerts, and informal gatherings all year. To find out what’s on, follow this link.



There is so much going on, it is practically impossible to list everything. For a thorough list, visit the Ensembles page. Here are some of the headline acts.


Zamar Gospel Choir is a vibrant student-run ensemble. They are a very close community of people who love to sing. They sing all kinds of repertoire including songs from musicials, worship music and traditional gospel.


The University of York’s a cappella group specialising in contemporary popular styles. They sing jazz, pop, folk, funk, world music, and anything weird as long as it’s wonderful.


Opera Society aims to give students the opportunity to boost their confidence in performance. They hold at least two professional-standard productions and at least two smaller all-inclusive productions each year.


Central Hall Musical Society is the premiere musical theatre society at York. They are known for producing one of the biggest events on campus each year: a large-scale, high budget musical in the middle of Spring Term.

The Committee

Running the Music Society is like running a small business: it takes a lot of effort and a huge amount of input from lots of people.

Clark Brydon


Archie Bonham


Hannah Young


Jess Lloyd

Concerts Manager

Christina Higgins

Events Officer

Darcy Thorpe

Events Officer

Moya Morrison

Press & Publicity Officer

Faye Bowness

Press & Publicity Officer

Phillip Matty

DPR Representative

Susie Duxbury

Lessons & Exams Officer

Owen Butcher

Ensembles Officer

Hannah Moore

Ordinary Member

Samuel Kuo

Ordinary Member

Helen Southernwood

Ordinary Member


First Year Rep & Post-Grad Representative



Contact us

If you have any questions about the services we offer, or any ideas or requests that we can help with, please do get in touch!