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Live updates about the tour will be posted here.


Tuesday 22nd October 2019 | 10:00 – CANCELLATION:

It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of our Austria Tour.

Unfortunately, the current political climate has resulted in too many uncertainties for us to continue feeling our way through the dark. Should the UK leave the European Union without an exit deal, the costs and logistics would be very large and too much for the Music Society. 

Wednesday 11th September 2019 | 15:30 – Brexit Preparations:

The Music Society is committed to delivering a tour to Austria for its members at the beginning of January 2020. The major concern for the Committee is the uncertainty around the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

While our rights as an EU citizen currently remain unchanged, large organisations, micro-businesses and freelancers are all making preparations for a no-deal Brexit. This is having an impact on the planning of this proposed tour.

If we exit the EU without a deal in place, the current freedom of movement rules will end, meaning that it will be more expensive and more complicated for musicians and their instruments to cross borders. 

We have calculated that musicians who travel to the EU27/EEA and carry an instrument will incur additional costs of up to £1,000 per year in a no-deal Brexit.

Musicians will be required to purchase carnets – temporary international customs documents that allow instruments and sound equipment to move temporarily outside the UK – which cost in the region of £500-700, depending on the value of the goods. It is currently possible to take instruments to countries in the EU for free and purchasing a Carnet is a significant extra cost to be forced upon musicians and will become a huge barrier for many musicians touring the EU27/EEA.

Musicians will also face numerous additional costs including:

  • Private medical insurance, which would become essential in a no-deal Brexit as EHIC provision would cease, would set a musician without a pre-existing medical condition back around £70 per year, but it could be as high as £320 for a musician with a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Musical Instrument Certificates, which are only required for instruments containing endangered species according to CITES (including ivory, rosewood, tortoiseshell) are currently free but are set to incur a charge in 2020 (amount unknown). Examples: some violin bows contain ivory and some guitars contain rosewood.
  • If visas are introduced to work in the EU27/EEA, this is likely to cause considerable financial and administrative burden to musicians.

The Music Society will continue to review the situation as the political climate changes over the coming weeks; however, it is worth noting that it may prove impossible to deliver this tour as originally advertised. This caveat especially applies to members who wish to bring instruments on tour. In the best-case scenario of a no-deal exit, the tour may have to be limited to singers.

We remain wholly committed to the idea of a tour open to all musicians at the University, and our President will strive to make this a possibility. However the ever-changing global landscape may mean that this is impossible. Updates will continue to be posted here.

(Information gathered from The Incorporated Society of Musicians, and was correct at the time of posting.)

Provisional Itinerary

Thursday 2nd January 2020

  • 0415(GMT): Depart York (coach)
  • 0600: Arrive at Manchester Airport; meet others not on York transport; check-in
  • 0735: U21979 EasyJet Flight to Vienna (£~80pp)
  • 1005/1105(CEST): Arrive into Vienna Airport
  • 1115: Travel to accommodation – MEININGER Hotel Vienna Downtown ‘Franz’
  • 1200: Drop off bags
  • 1200–1700: Free time to explore (benefits of Vienna Pass) – buy own food
    • Suggested: Natural History Museum; Kunsthistorische Museum; Albertina.
  • 1700: Reconvene; travel to restaurant and eat together (on Society?)
  • 1930: Travel to St Charles Church: Mozart/Vivaldi Concert (tickets reserved)
  • 2200: Return to accommodation
  • 2230: Sleep


Friday 3rd January 2020

  • 0800: Breakfast
  • 0900: Travel to Schönbrunn Palace
  • 0930: Arrive at Palace (free entry with Vienna Pass)
  • 0930–1200: Time to explore Palace
  • 1200: Lunch at Palace
  • 1300: Travel to Concert Venue 1 (St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna?)
  • 1400: Arrive at Concert Venue 1 (St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna?)
  • 1400: Rehearsal
  • 1600: Break
  • 1700: Rehearsal
  • 1800: Food
  • 1930: Concert (format 1)
  • 2200: Return to accommodation
  • 2230: Pub/sleep


Saturday 4th January 2020

  • 0800: Breakfast
  • 0900: Depart accommodation (coach)
  • 1100: Arrive at Melk Abbey
  • 1100: Guided tour
  • 1230: Informal (unaccompanied?) choral performance
  • 1300: Lunch
  • 1330: Free time to explore Abbey
  • 1400: Depart abbey (coach)
  • 1630: Arrive into Salzburg
  • 1700: Check into accommodation – MEININGER Hotel Salzburg City Center – deposit bags
  • 1800: Reconvene; travel to restaurant and eat together (on Society?)
  • Theatre concert? Nutcracker? Hansel und Gretel?
  • 2200: Return to accommodation
  • 2230: Pub/sleep


Sunday 5th January 2020

  • 0800: Breakfast
  • 0930: Rehearsal
  • 1130: Mass in English (Salzburg Cathedral)?
  • 1300: Lunch
  • 1400: Rehearsal
  • 1600: Break
  • 1700: Rehearsal
  • 1800: Food
  • 1930: Concert (format 2)
  • 2200: Return to accommodation
  • 2230: Pub/sleep


Monday 6th January 2020


  • 0800: Breakfast
  • 0900: Free time to explore Salzburg (benefits of Salzburg Card [25€/1 day])
  • 1300: Depart Salzburg city (using public transport, benefit of Salzburg Card)
  • 1400: Arrive at Salzburg Airport
  • 1545: Flight to Manchester, via Dusseldorf (£~80pp)
  • 1915: Arrive into Manchester Airport
  • 2000: Travel to York (coach)
  • 2200: Arrive into York